Partner in NJ-NY firm: ”Thank you for your efforts. This has been a long road, and clearly despite [our] best and cooperative efforts along the way, we couldn’t have gotten this done without you.”


Partner in NYC firm: “You were the best mediator I’ve seen, as I’ll tell my partners asap. It was a pleasure watching you work.”


Partner in NYC firm: “I was impressed with your skills, demeanor and quick grasp of the issues. I sincerely hope we get to work together again.”


“We contacted David after we had used two prior mediators unsuccessfully on a matter where personality conflicts, anger and distrust made constructive dialogue difficult.  [In fact, the two prior mediations lasted a total of about 3 hours and neither ended with a handshake (or even a “goodbye”).]  Our first meeting with David lasted all day and did not produce a deal, but David kept up to speed as the litigation progressed and several weeks later, he got us back together and after a dozen or so teleconferences, somehow got a deal done that permitted both sides to move on.”


“David was always facilitative and respectful to the parties and lawyers but tough when tough was needed.  He had no agenda except to get a deal done.  If we would have contacted David the first time around I think the parties would collectively have saved millions of dollars in attorneys’ fees.  I won’t make that mistake again.”


“While David’s preparation and dedication distinguish him, David’s most impressive skills – in my view – are his abilities to: (1) make the client feel that his, her, or its legal and factual positions have been heard, and (2) find a path forward towards resolution, even when that does not seem possible.”

Brodsky ADR LLC